Renewed definiton of brand

by photographer PiccoloNamek and image via Wikipedia This is the fourth in a series of short posts related to The CMO Agenda research. Informed by recent CMO conversations and CMG Partners‘ collective experience helping top marketers develop marketing strategy, we have compiled a list of seven ideas or jump starters for further conversation. These are […]

Skittles is turning over the brand to consumers

Image by Special via Flickr The maker of Skittles, Mars Snackfood, is turning over the brand to consumers. The new website design at, designed by, is linked to social media content as its website content. The site includes wikipedia for product information, twitter comments on the home page as news and “chatter”, YouTube […]

TiVo on the slide; is this a death spiral?

In TiVo Swings to a Profit posted by The New York Times, it is clear the TiVo continues to shrink. It is a sad day for the small technology brand that could. Subscribers are now at 3.5 million from a peak of 4.4 million. Net subscriber additions are down and have been shrinking all year […]

How to get started with social media marketing

The best social media marketing strategy is to have a brand, product or service worth talking about. Let me stop there and let that sink in… Lots of marketers and agencies are trying to crack the code to social media marketing. Take for example, Wendy’s Smart character (a.k.a the square hamburger) on with almost […]

Choose organic product placements or your brand suffers

… well Ford’s did related to their American Idol sponsorship/placement based on a recent study by Martin Lindstrom which looks at brain function. This finding is highlighted in the CMO Strategy column on Adage. Martin describes that both Coca-Cola and AT&T increased brand equity but Ford brand equity declined and Lindstrom infers that this is […]

You had to know search Ads on YouTube were coming

The New York Times reports in “YouTube to Sell Advertising on Pages of Search Results” that YouTube will start auctioning search ads to people/companies that want their videos to appear for search terms. We all had to know this was coming. I think the interesting part of this article in the tiny quote from the […]