The Brew-off: Starbucks vs. Green Mountain

Adage reports that Starbucks will enter the single-serve coffeemaker market this holiday season. Green Mountain has largely created the category and continues to dominate it, followed by lesser known players Tassimo, Senseo, Nesspresso. Will this work for Starbucks? Likely Starbucks will sell units and Green Mountain dropping 15% in trading after the announcement signals The […]

Achieving change & transformation: What motivates us? – Dan Pink explains

A friend forwarded me the video below, a must see from Dan Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind. Key takeaways for motivating knowledge workers: Pay people so that money is a non-issue This flies in the face of traditional motivation schema – such as bonuses and pay for performance mantras. Carrots and […]

Mobile banking in emerging markets

Capturing the promise of mobile banking in emerging markets a new article and work by Christopher P. Beshouri and Jon Gravråk of McKinsey talks about the promise of mobile to bank the unbanked populations of developing and emerging economies. I completed a project in 2005 with RTI, First Data, Whirpool, Microsoft, Yum! Brands and Humana […]

Is IDC loosing relevance on marketing?

The IDC released a preview of their upcoming report, IDC’s 7th Annual Tech Mktg. Benchmarks Study.  I was stunned at the marketing kingdom protection rhetoric and support of empire building for marketing leaders. Most of the trends were aspects that have been underway for some time — shifting budget online, focusing on sales and marketing […]

Is “price” underleveraged in your marketing organization?

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Recently, I have been speaking to lead marketers about growth — how they define it and what they are doing to achieve it. Through 13 interviews, not one lead marketer has mentioned pricing as a way to increase revenue or profits. Is price no longer a marketing function in […]