The Brew-off: Starbucks vs. Green Mountain

Adage reports that Starbucks will enter the single-serve coffeemaker market this holiday season. Green Mountain has largely created the category and continues to dominate it, followed by lesser known players Tassimo, Senseo, Nesspresso. Will this work for Starbucks? Likely Starbucks will sell units and Green Mountain dropping 15% in trading after the announcement signals The […]

Starbuck’s answer to McCafe: messaging disaster?

Image via Wikipedia In a New York Times article today,  Starbuck’s answer to McDonald’s McCafé $100 million dollar blitz is: “If your coffee isn’t perfect, we’ll make it over. If it’s still not perfect, you must not be in a Starbucks.” In the article Terry Davenport, chief marketing officer at Starbucks, is quoted as saying.. […]

Service brands: vision of the future?

As a marketer and consultant, I always find it difficult to explain what a brand is to people that are not familiar with the concept (e.g. my mom). This task of explaining things becomes increasingly difficult when the brand is not something you can touch or feel like a service. Service Brands are populating the […]