Can We Save Marketing?

Over the last six years, I have had a personal interest on the verge of a crusade to better understand and study lead marketers and CMOs across industries. My concern, after meeting well over 300 leaders, is marketing is lacking influence and at some companies is considered “damaged goods”. How do we fix it? The […]

Leading Outside the Lines – enabling change and transformation

Image by fdecomite via Flickr Through my previous research with 60+ CMOs on the evolution of lead marketers — transformative leadership has emerged as a path forward. The question now on my mind is how does change take root and what can leaders do to foster the acceleration and permanence behavior  change. Luckily yesterday, I […]

Is IDC loosing relevance on marketing?

The IDC released a preview of their upcoming report, IDC’s 7th Annual Tech Mktg. Benchmarks Study.  I was stunned at the marketing kingdom protection rhetoric and support of empire building for marketing leaders. Most of the trends were aspects that have been underway for some time — shifting budget online, focusing on sales and marketing […]

Failure: Don’t hide it, celebrate it

Image by LunaDiRimmel via Flickr Failure is not the end of the world. With GM now restructured and the financial crisis coming to an end, should we be celebrating? Yes, IF you have learned from your mistakes. Fail fast and move on Many business people I know, have worked with or read about in the […]