Kindle Fire vs. Apple iPad: A Story in Innovation Strategy

First, after a year away I am back to blogging. More to come on what I have been up to for the last year, but until then, please read on… After reading tons of stories on the recent Fire launch and why we should “thank Amazon”, I found myself asking a different question: What is […]

CPG vs. Service Marketers: skill-sets and executive hiring decisions

Image via Wikipedia Recently, I posted a question on LinkedIn in a effort to get some outside opinion on marketing skill-sets and how that is driving hiring decisions. While I was underwhelmed by the number of answers I received — three in total — I was intrigued by two responses. My Question: What are the […]

Service brands: vision of the future?

As a marketer and consultant, I always find it difficult to explain what a brand is to people that are not familiar with the concept (e.g. my mom). This task of explaining things becomes increasingly difficult when the brand is not something you can touch or feel like a service. Service Brands are populating the […]

TiVo on the slide; is this a death spiral?

In TiVo Swings to a Profit posted by The New York Times, it is clear the TiVo continues to shrink. It is a sad day for the small technology brand that could. Subscribers are now at 3.5 million from a peak of 4.4 million. Net subscriber additions are down and have been shrinking all year […]