Service brands: vision of the future?

As a marketer and consultant, I always find it difficult to explain what a brand is to people that are not familiar with the concept (e.g. my mom). This task of explaining things becomes increasingly difficult when the brand is not something you can touch or feel like a service. Service Brands are populating the […]

How to get started with social media marketing

The best social media marketing strategy is to have a brand, product or service worth talking about. Let me stop there and let that sink in… Lots of marketers and agencies are trying to crack the code to social media marketing. Take for example, Wendy’s Smart character (a.k.a the square hamburger) on with almost […]

The transition from one-way to two-way communication in marketing

Reading “A New Odd Couple: Google, P&G Swap Workers to Spur Innovation” on and attending the Internet Summit 08, there is a new shift in traditional marketing thinking. The old school of thoughts was that a marketer was the beacon or held the megaphone to tout the message to the silent masses. While this […]

Healthcare digital marketing trend for 2009

Was reading “Healthcare much alive for Google” published by DMNews. The article highlights a few key insiders at Google stating that healthcare digital marketing is an area that is poised for expansion in 2009. Some of the ways Google is positioning itself: Google Health – medical records storage Google Flu Trends – search data used […]

You had to know search Ads on YouTube were coming

The New York Times reports in “YouTube to Sell Advertising on Pages of Search Results” that YouTube will start auctioning search ads to people/companies that want their videos to appear for search terms. We all had to know this was coming. I think the interesting part of this article in the tiny quote from the […]