2 Reasons for Apple’s Distortion on Tech Sector Profitability

I received the below chart from Business Insider Monday, which highlights that without Apple the technology sector profits would be down 3% this year vs. with them profits are up 7%.  Why is Apple out performing and at such a degree against the back drop of all other technology sector companies? There are many possible explanations and many have come before me trying to explain … Continue reading 2 Reasons for Apple’s Distortion on Tech Sector Profitability

Can We Save Marketing?

Over the last six years, I have had a personal interest on the verge of a crusade to better understand and study lead marketers and CMOs across industries. My concern, after meeting well over 300 leaders, is marketing is lacking influence and at some companies is considered “damaged goods”. How do we fix it? The question I hope to answer over the coming months. There … Continue reading Can We Save Marketing?

Michael Porter: Still got it!

Image by TimDan2 via Flickr Recently, I attended a University of North Carolina lecture by Michael Porter, Harvard Business School professor, who has made many foundational contributions to the field of strategy.  You can download the slides from the presentation. Some thoughts from the lecture that continue to apply in today’s landscape: The worst error in strategy is to compete with rivals on the same … Continue reading Michael Porter: Still got it!