2 Reasons for Apple’s Distortion on Tech Sector Profitability

I received the below chart from Business Insider Monday, which highlights that without Apple the technology sector profits would be down 3% this year vs. with them profits are up 7%.  Why is Apple out performing and at such a degree against the back drop of all other technology sector companies? There are many possible […]

Innovation as a growth engine: more than new products

Image via Wikipedia This is the third in a series of short posts related to The CMO Agenda research. Informed by recent CMO conversations and CMG Partners‘ collective experience helping top marketers develop marketing strategy, we have compiled a list of seven ideas or jump starters for further conversation. These are meant to spark discussion, […]

Sponsorships at Amex: the experience is the strategy

Image via Wikipedia In a previous post, “Choose organic product placements or your brand suffers“, I highlighted a number of criteria to think about as companies and marketers selection product placements or sponsorships.  American Express has an interesting strategy for their sponsorships that focuses on “experience”. This is also a core element of the American […]