Can We Save Marketing?

Over the last six years, I have had a personal interest on the verge of a crusade to better understand and study lead marketers and CMOs across industries. My concern, after meeting well over 300 leaders, is marketing is lacking influence and at some companies is considered “damaged goods”. How do we fix it? The question I hope to answer over the coming months. There … Continue reading Can We Save Marketing?

Super Bowl ads may disappoint this year

According to report on a recent Gallup study, Super Bowl ad recall suffers in tough economic times when consumer confidence is low. This coupled with the fact some advertisers like GM and FedEx are pulling out means the potential for disappointment this year is high. For smart savvy marketers, the Super Bowl ads are always a bit of a joke — big bang for … Continue reading Super Bowl ads may disappoint this year

Brands go negative, will it pay?

The New York Times ran a story today “Dueling Brands Pick Up Where Politicians Leave Off “. It highlights a recent advertising trend to run negative ads against a company’s competitor to better position products. Brands that are highlighted include: Dunkin’ Donuts, Apple and the response from Microsoft, Campbell’s Soup and the response from Progresso. Below is Dunkin’… McDonald’s has done a similar tactic also … Continue reading Brands go negative, will it pay?