Achieving change & transformation: What motivates us? – Dan Pink explains

A friend forwarded me the video below, a must see from Dan Pink, author of Drive and A Whole New Mind. Key takeaways for motivating knowledge workers: Pay people so that money is a non-issue This flies in the face of traditional motivation schema – such as bonuses and pay for performance mantras. Carrots and […]

Leading Outside the Lines – enabling change and transformation

Image by fdecomite via Flickr Through my previous research with 60+ CMOs on the evolution of lead marketers — transformative leadership has emerged as a path forward. The question now on my mind is how does change take root and what can leaders do to foster the acceleration and permanence behavior  change. Luckily yesterday, I […]

Mobile banking in emerging markets

Capturing the promise of mobile banking in emerging markets a new article and work by Christopher P. Beshouri and Jon Gravråk of McKinsey talks about the promise of mobile to bank the unbanked populations of developing and emerging economies. I completed a project in 2005 with RTI, First Data, Whirpool, Microsoft, Yum! Brands and Humana […]

Only 25% of Companies Are Managing Marketing Effectively, Study of 400 Companies Links Performance to Specific Marketing Management Best Practices

Only one-fourth of companies believe they are managing their marketing efforts effectively, according to the results of a survey of more than 400 companies by my firm, CMG Partners, and market research firm Chadwick Martin Bailey. But the study also found that those companies that actively use marketing effectiveness best practices are reaping positive results […]