Super Bowl Ad Brand Survey – Doritos is the winner

The following excerpt is from Comscore’s 2009 Super Bowl Brand survey:

Doritos Scores Highest Net Improvement in Brand Survey

comScore also asked respondents in the post-Super Bowl survey whether the various Super Bowl ads improved, damaged, or left unchanged their perception of the advertised brands. Doritos scored the highest net improvement score of 42 percentage points, followed by Bud/Bud Light (40 percentage points) and Denny’s (39 percentage points), whose offer of a free Grand Slam breakfast to everyone in America on Tuesday, February 3, apparently resonated with the public.

Q: For each of the following brands, please indicate whether their ad during the Super Bowl improved or damaged your impression of the brand in any way?

February 3-4, 2009; n=1,042

Source: comScore Post-Super Bowl Survey

Brand Advertiser



Net Brand Improvement Score


46 %

4 %

42 %

Bud/Bud Light

43 %

3 %

40 %


41 %

2 %

39 %

Coca Cola

40 %

3 %

37 %

Pepsi Co.

37 %

5 %

32 %





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