Burger King going viral again, but success is uncertain

The newest video viral campaign for Burger King is Whopper Virgins, which is a “pure” taste test between the Big Mac and the Whopper among people who have never heard of McDonald’s or Burger King much less a hamburger.

Adage recently published “Response to BK’s ‘Whopper Virgins’ Short of a Freakout“, which highlights the early stats on the campaign are “o.k. but promising” and tone of the buzz is waffling a bit as some negative buzz is coming in.

The bottom line:

Personally, I am not 100% sure how I would judge this campaign. It is a novel concept, but the social value is dubious to me.

I am still a fan of the previous Whopper Freakout campaign.

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3 thoughts on “Burger King going viral again, but success is uncertain

  1. Alan, this is fascinating from both a research and cultural perspective as well as marketing strategy and execution. Who on earth are they targeting with this? And why didn’t they include any real metrics like the whopper beats the bid mac 2:1? It will definitely be interesting to see how this campaign unfolds.

    BTW, in my life before B-School, I managed a data collection company, and we worked with BK; so I’ve actually seen one of those portable broilers!

    Thanks for posting ~

  2. It may not be the Whopper Freakout but I am impressed that BK is at least making the effort to stay relevant after the success of the Whopper Freakout campaign – having a second viral effort that still provokes interest and buzz on blogs and in media doesn’t seem like an easy thing to achieve.

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